How to Reach Jarsing Pauwa

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Wondering How to Reach Jarsing Pauwa Beautiful National Mount View Resort lies far from hustle and bustle of the city area. For travelers who wish to experience natural serenity, with the adventure activities, National Mount View Resort is the ideal choice. National Mount View Resort is located at eastern outskirt and the resort is just 25 km away
from Chabahil.

Amazing food, spectacular view of mountains like Dhaulagiri, Langtang, Gauri Shankar with soulful
hospitality is what you will experience in our resort. There are multiple ways to reach the National Mount View Resort of Jarshing Pauwa. You can choose from a wide range of transportation to reach the resort. Jeep Ride, Bus Ride or Solo Bike Ride are the best ways. The land transport awards you the chance to absorb natural serenity along with scenic views the trip offers.

National Mount View Resort can be reached by different mode of transport from Chhabahi – Sankhu road which is approx 27 KM in distance.

As mentioned earlier, the resort is just 25 Km away from the ring road. To reach our resort, you have to
take the Sankhu road. From Sankhu Chowk you have to take left. This road is popular as you can reach
Melamchi, Sindhu Palchowk from this road. Once you reach Jarshing Pauwa, you need to take left again.
Once you take left from Jarshing Pauwa, our resort is just 4 Km away. The road condition is slowly becoming better. And the slow improvement of the road will make your trip
more luxurious. The bumpy road is an adventure by itself. The bumpy ride in the vehicle of your choice will
increase your adrenaline rush.

So, Jarshing Pauwa is reachable by road. You can do either of the following to reach Jarshing Pauwa:
– Bus Ride to Jarshing Pauwa if you are traveling in a group
– Jeep Ride to Jarshing Pauwa for family
– Motor Bike Ride to Jarshing Pauwa for solo travelers and couples.

Whatever you choose as your means of transportation, National Mount View Resort is ready to satisfy
you with its natural serenity and professional service.

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