Things to do in Jarsing Pauwa

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Looking for Things to do in Jarsing Pauwa then National Mount View Resort takes pride on calling itself a retreat resort because you offer much more than Bed and delicious food. For revitalization of our precious guests, we provide you with the Jacuzzi and Sauna bath facility inside the resort accompanied by other close to nature


You offer you the best Jacuzzi in the town. With the capacity of 14 PAX, the Jacuzzi massage has
never been this spacious and relaxing. The clean water massaging your body helps in eradicating
all your muscle pain and helps in rejuvenating your body once again.

Infrared Sauna Bath

National Mount View Resort also offers modern infrared Sauna Bath. The infrared in this sauna
bath heats the stone and the heat generated from stone warms up the Special Pine made
Chamber. Our Infrared Sauna Bath relives your muscle pain and helps in detoxifying other form
of inner pains. If you want to feel relaxed and want to burn some of your fat, then our Sauna
Bath is the place to be. This big Sauna Bath can accommodate up to 15 guests at the same time.
Sauna Bath also cleanse the skin and brings the glow that you so desire.

Jungle Walk and Bird Watching

Our Resort lying in the middle of woods awards you the chance of dotting amazing flora and
fauna with our Jungle Walk and Bird watching packages. Guided jungle walk is what you will be
offered in which you can have insightful idea of the floras and faunas of our surrounding. The
downhill short hiking with the best view of mountains along with picturesque view of birds and
animals is not be missed. View of Deer, Kalij Pheasant, different butterflies and enchanting birds
is what you can experience in our Jungle Walk activities. Dove, Sparrow, Eagle, Vulture, etc. like
birds are seen in the area.


National Mount View Resort offers different hiking packages. The surrounding of the resort itself
is the hiking spot. You can do hiking from resort property into the green lush forests and hills
dotting the faunas and birds. The hiking route goes clockwise from the resort taking you into the
woods rendering the graceful experience that you won’t find elsewhere.
The Hiking Routes to explore by you are:
a. National Mount View Resort-Lapsiphedi-Tea Garden-Lapsiphedi-Resort

Horse Riding (On Demand)

Our Resort offers Horse Riding packages on demand. Riding in the horse around the property
awards the chance to absorb the fresh air by dotting natural masterpiece. We offer horse ride
on demand for the adventure seekers who wish to see the true natural beauty our resort offers.

Day Picnic

Our Resort also offers best natural spot for the guests who wishes to celebrate events in the
middle of jungle. In our forests feast spot, you can either choose to bring all you requirements
yourself or you can simply ask for the needful. In sound weather condition, we can easily
celebrate events by enjoying the nature and if the weather becomes unfavorable, then we do
have encircled Traditional Nepali Kitchen for the celebration. Whatever may be the weather
situation, we are here to serve you the best of us.

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